AMICO Architectural Metal

Simply stated, AMICO is the world’s leading MANUFACTURER of architectural expanded metal mesh, perforated materials and architectural gratings. AMICO, along with The Expanded Metal Company in the UK and Diamond Perforating in California, enjoy unrivalled expertise and understanding of manufacturing techniques, capabilities and applications.

We are constantly pushing boundaries and developing new architectural expanded mesh patterns, products and applications to increase awareness and raise the profile of our products across the design community. Our materials are also perfectly suited to interior design applications and can provide security and privacy as well elegance and sophistication.

Our strengths stem from a committed, skilled and knowledgeable workforce coupled with world class machinery, providing us with unsurpassed engineering and technical support.

This website has been created to introduce you to new and exciting versions of the commonly known materials “expanded, perforated and gratings”.

Key products include the Apex range of Expanded Mesh including the

APEX01 Expanded Mesh, APEX02 Expanded Mesh, APEX03 Expanded Mesh, APEX04 Expanded Mesh.